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Hy-Q International is always trying to make our customers experience as simple as possible when ordering our products and services. The following payment options are available.

Credit Card

We offer our customers the choice of paying by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. Please note that exchange rates may apply if you are using a non Australian credit account.

Credit card payments can also be made by telephone, or in person. For security, please do not send credit card details by email or in the mail.

Direct Deposit or T.T.

For customers choosing to transfer funds using direct deposit, please use the following bank details:

Credit Application Form

In line with our Terms and Conditions, in order to be considered for receiving Net 30 days credit terms from Hy-Q International (Australia) Pty. Ltd., please complete this online Credit Application Form.

Standard Credit Terms

Payment 30 days from statement date (SUBJECT TO APPROVED CREDIT APPLICATION – please see above). Otherwise payments should be made at time of order by Direct Deposit (TT), Credit Card or via PayPal® as detailed above.

General Terms and Conditions

For details about our Terms and Conditions when purchasing or using our products, please see our Terms and Conditions page or feel free to contact us by email or telephone us on +61 (03) 9562-7474.

Privacy Statement

If at any time you have any questions or concerns regarding the privacy of your information Hy-Q International retains, or how we might use it, please see our Privacy Statement or feel free to contact us by email or telephone us on +61 (03) 9562-7474.

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