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Oscillator Environmental Data

The following data applies to Hy-Q custom made oscillators and states the typical performance of the oscillators as regards these clauses*. Should you require the exact limits a particular oscillator can achieve then test data can be supplied.

Bump: 4000 10 bumps at 390m/s peak in each of three mutually perpendicular planes for a duration of 6ms.
Vibration: 0 to 60Hz, 0.75mm displacement, 60 to 500Hz, 98.1ms peak acceleration. 30 minutes in each of three mutually perpendicular planes at one octave per minute.
Shock: 500m/s acceleration for 11ms duration, three shocks in each direction along three mutually perpendicular axis. Half sine pulse.
Altitude: Working to the equivalent of 0 to 15,000 feet. Non operational up to 50,000 feet without any damage to the oscillator.
Storage Temperature: -55C to +105C

* Note: The above data applies to specific custom made oscillators only.
Please contact our sales department for your exact requirements.