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Introduction to High Frequency Oscillators

Hy-Q International can provide an extensive range of high frequency oscillators suitable for all aspects of frequency control in radio communication, high speed data transmission and similar applications. High frequency crystal oscillator designs can be based on either high frequency fundamental crystals, overtone oscillators or multiplied output low frequency VCXO's or TCXO's using harmonic or PLL multipliers. All have advantages and disadvantages.

e.g. The high frequency fundamental based designs are good for all parameters but these crystals are difficult to make and therefore expensive. The overtone crystal oscillator uses lower cost crystals, has good spectral purity and low jitter if well designed, but only moderate pulling.

The multiplied low frequency designs can offer the excellent temperature stability, or high pulling available from our low frequency range but at the expense of slightly reduced spectral purity. Values of -50 dBc are typically achieved for non harmonic spurii. Onboard or outboard filters can be included or supplied to improve this if required.