Articles pertaining to Oscillators. This is a sub-category of Frequency Control.

Hy-Q International – Quartz Crystal Oscillators

Quartz crystal oscillators are widely used in electronic devices as a stable frequency reference source. These oscillators work based on the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal, which means that when a quartz crystal is subjected to a mechanical stress, it generates an electrical signal of a specific frequency. Quartz crystal oscillators are preferred over other […]

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The Piezoelectric Effect History

The Piezoelectric History The direct piezoelectric effect, the production of electricity by the application of pressure, was discovered by brothers J. and P. Curie in 1880. The converse effect was predicted by Lippmann in 1881 and confirmed by the Curies in the same year. The major application of piezoelectricity was in Langevin’s work on submarine

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