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Micro Speakers

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These products are being constantly updated. Please contact Hy-Q for the latest information.

Micro Audio Components

Hy-Q International Australia is now able to offer, as the exclusive Australian and New Zealand agent for FCE, a range of micro audio components. These products are designed to be used in a wide variety of applications including telephone receivers, PC's, notebooks, headphones, alarms, cellular telephones, clocks, pagers, timers, etc.

Electret Condenser Microphones for telephone and radio receivers, etc.
Handsfree Kits including on/off switch and earpiece hook.
Hands Free Kits
Electromagnetic Buzzers/Sirens for alarms, clocks, pagers, telephones, timers, etc.
Ultra Thin Micro Speakers (under 5mm thick), both plastic and metal framed, for various applications.
Ultra Thin Speakers
Micro Speaker paper series for various applications.
Paper Cone Speakers
Multimedia Speakers for PC's, notebooks, headsets, etc.
Multimedia Speakers
Telecommunications Speakers, with both metal and plastic frames, for portable hands free kits for all brands of cellular phones.
Telecom Speakers